(Safe Critically Ill Transfer Training)

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Introductory information

Critically ill patients are extremely vulnerable and this can create a number of challenges when delivering care and treatment. The nature and severity of illness requires advanced technology and equipment to support and preserve life which can only be provided in a Level 2 or 3 critical care facility. During critical illness a patient may require transfer for investigations, specialist services or as a result of level 2 or 3 critical care capacity not being available in the local hospital.

Transferring critically ill patients requires staff with a robust knowledge base, situational awareness and a suite of clinical competencies to maintain safety and reduce the risk of avoidable harm. During transfer current care and treatment plans will need to be maintained and new or emerging situations will need to be anticipated, identified and managed appropriately. A training programme which supports all clinical staff that have a role or responsibility in the preparation, packaging and movement of critically ill adults needs to be transferable between multi-professional groups and employing organisations and allow the individual learner to achieve any relevant clinical competencies outlined by the respective professional body.

The Safe Critically Ill Transfer Training (SCITT) programme consists of a 3 element approach to support the learner:

  • E-Learning package
  • Simulation training
  • Log book of clinical experience

Together these components will provide the learner with a supported environment to expand the knowledge and theory required to underpin safe clinical practice, whilst developing an understanding of human factors and their relevance to situational awareness.  This supports a clinical workforce with the essential knowledge and skills required to safely transfer a critically ill patient between departments or organisations when required.

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